Proudly representing family-owned businesses throughout Australia & NZ.

Pure Drop Liquor represents independent brands of the alpine area, specifically Bavarian and Austrian. Our company is 9 years old, however we represent brands that are more than 500 years old, and have remained true to their heritage. Pure Drop Liquor has special supply agreements for our brands accross all states of Australia and New Zealand. Our management team have more than 100 years experience in the liquor industry, and it is our mission to bring the best premium, independent products from Europe to Australia & New Zealand

We only partner with independent family owned businesses.

We use innovative key-keg technology to transport our products in a reliable, practical, and eco-friendly method. Key kegs use a recyclable, environmentally friendly design which extends shelf life and superior in safety and durability.

Our brands are available in more than 100 premier outlets, both on premise and off premise, throughout the country and growing, with a wide variety of products ranging from premium beers to carbonated beverages.

Meet our team

The force behind PDL.
    Andrew Holmes

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    Andrew Holmes
    Oscar Zechner

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    Oscar Zechner
    Eugen Zerdanowski

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    Eugen Zerdanowski
Die Freien Brauer
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Our advantages

Exclusive Supplier

We are an exclusive supplier of the Arcobräu brand in Australia, importing directly from Germany.

Quality products

Our brewers use only the finest quality ingredients with a high regard for upholding tradition.

What we do

We support the regional economy and brewing tradition, keeping alive the regional beer specialities.


Our beer is sold and enjoyed around various bottleshops in SA, Victoria, and NSW.