Die Freien Brauer

Introduction into the community “Die Freien Brauer” (Independent Brewers)

A strong community campaigning for art of brewing and way of life

“Die Freien Brauer” is a community of 40 medium-sized private breweries in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, which have been independent and family-owned for generations. Every one of us is a self-confident, independent entrepreneur and wants to keep his independence. “Die Freien Brauer” is more than a mere economic co-operation: It is a community of values of like-minded, self-confident family-owned breweries which are leading in their respective region. The preservation of the diversity of genuine, pure beer specialities and of a solid regional economic structure – in short: the preservation of the art of brewing and way of life – are in our centre of interest. As a strong community of successful family-owned breweries we feel responsible for these values.

On the basis of our Seven Values we form an efficient network that contributes to the individual success of each owner. The absolute willingness to co-operate and the energetic dedication of every each form the foundation for our success. As a group of strong brands we now and in the future shape the positive image of our traditional beer culture.

Seven Purity Values

The so called “Seven values” represent the basic principles of “Die Freien Bauer,” a community of leading, independent family-owned breweries campaignining for the preservation of beer culture and beer variety.

1. Great Independence

We are independent entrepreneurs, and we are not tributary to any limits fixed by parent companies.

In a market characterised by concentration and globalisation, we keep our autonomy and take the liberty of doing only what we consider as appropriate and important. We are neither bound to any international concern leadership nor to any stock exchange. We therefore are in a position to stand by our long-time business partners – even in difficult times. Keeping sustainable and solid structures is more important to us than increasing our
profit quickly.

As “Freie Brauer” we stand for a personal, sustainable and conscientious entrepreneurship which keeps boundaries between ourselves and a merely profit-oriented
management culture.

2. Personal Responsibility

We focus on customer and business partner proximity and take advantage of short distances. Doing so, we contribute to the preservation of a strong and efficient regional economic structure.

As regional commercial enterprises we take the responsibility for our region seriously and get involved with people of our region. We are on a par with our employees, business partners, contractors and customers. Direct interpersonal relations and a fair and respectful intercourse are self-evident to us.

We take over responsibility in the long run – as employer and supervisor of vocational education, as trainer of the junior staff and as business partner.

3. Unique Variety

We offer a special variety of regionally-based taste experiences

We vouch for the preservation of the traditional art of brewing and the rich variety of regional beer specialities. With over 300 different kinds of beer of highest quality we contribute to the preservation of a considerable diversity, which makes our beer market interesting and unique. We address to independent individual personalities appreciating the genuine and being able to enjoy for the pleasure of all their senses.

4. Highest Quality

Our beers are characteristic and made of best commodities

We believe that the beer market is no longer in need of bulk products which are exchangeable and run of the mill. We therefore focus on multifarious, independent, characteristic beers.

We are genuine brewers and identify with our beers. Our typical beer specialities consistently represent our commitment to quality. By producing characteristic regional beers of prime quality, we go to any lengths to meet the high standards of excellence we aspire to.

5. Clean Environment

We campaign for a respectful treatment of our natural resources.

All commodities for our beers are natural and have their origin in our region. For this reason, our existence as brewers is mainly dependent on a healthy and intact environment. Only with top-quality commodities and pure water we are able to produce premium beers which meet our high expectations.

Therefore it is very important to us to think ecologically and to protect the environment. We treat natural resources with caution and respect.

6. Real Tradition

We have been dedicating to our craft with passion and pride for generations

We campaign for the preservation of the traditional art of brewing and the variety of characteristic beer specialities. Doing so, we are open to new ideas, and we support progress, because we do not consider tradition as persistence in antiquated working methods.

We brew modern beers with traditional background. So we preserve the genuine regional art of brewing and way of life – for the love of our beer.

7. Attachment to Home

We safeguard local employment and support a solid regional economic structure.

We are aware of our roots and make it a point of honour to take responsibility for our region. We identify with the personal concerns of our region and its inhabitants, organisations, trading partners, clubs and enterprises.

With a strong regional market position, we contribute to an efficient economic structure with solid profitability and healthy companies. Doing so, we support our regional locations and help maintain the regional variety.